I enjoyed this article. I used to share projects with Deloitte’s office in Hyderabad, India. During busy season, I would work on gathering the relevant project components during the day, discuss the requirements on the phone that night, and when I came in the next morning, there in my inbox would sit the completed project. Pretty amazing, really. One gentleman worked over 400 hours during January 2008 to meet my project deadlines. If there was one thing I learned about that culture. they don’t raise slouches.

This week’s award for not knowing what world you’re living in surely goes to the French high school and college students who blockaded their campuses, and snarled rail traffic, in a nationwide strike against the French government’s decision to raise its pension retirement age from 60 to 62…France already discovered that a 35-hour workweek was impossible in a world where Indian engineers were trying to work a 35-hour day — and so, too, are pension levels not sustained by a vibrant private sector.