I found this picture in a pile of papers under my stairs and it reminded me of a fun memory so I thought I would share. While working at D&T, I was stationed for the better part of a year on one large client. During that period, I spent more time with those people than I did with my wife. We got to know each other well, and as would be expected with long hours and tough deadlines, some nicknames emerged. The person in charge of tracking everyone’s time became “Timecop” (ala Jean-Claude Van Damme), and since I was in charge of running the firm’s journal entry testing tool, one of my peers gave me the nickname “Darth JEDAR”.

JEDAR is short for Journal Entry Data Analysis Routines. It was an internal firm tool used for isolating suspicious transactions buried within large amounts of accounting data. The person who named it must have been a Stars Wars fan-boy. Anyways, I came in one morning to find this picture hanging above my workspace. It was one of the things I kept after I left the firm. The picture reminds me of that team and the long hours we put in, but also the fun we had (usually at each other’s expense).