GigaOM: Get Business Intelligence Ready for the Real-Time Web

GigaOM had a good article this morning called Get Business Intelligence Ready for the Real-Time Web. Here’s what they say BI 2.0 should look like. Not sure the tools exist yet to accomplish, but I can see things moving in this direction. Well designed dashboards do some of this already.

The future of BI 2.0 will not rely on server power, but on the human power of the entire organization to capture everything, convert social media into tangible business objects, and automate real-time business processes. BI 2.0 needs to help enterprises do three things: 1. Monitor everything. We need to give workers the ability to better monitor a million things at once: news, competitors, visual brand identities, consumer feedback, e-reputation, etc. (10 competitors x 10 major news searches x 5 social media sites = 500 sites each worker needs to check manually everyday just to stay industry aware!) 2. Self-organize. Flickr and YouTube’s content was considered too big to organize, until tagging came along. Similarly, we need to help enterprises self-organize the billions of clicks, searches, Tweets and reports they produce every year within their company by harnessing the tagging talents of experts within their organization. Private tag clouds, anyone? 3. Trigger processes. As we uncover trending topics within the organization, we need to enable it to automatically trigger actual business processes in real-time, like purchase orders or ad budgets.