Some Light Reading

Here’s a quick rundown of the blogs that have recently inspired my work. I digest a huge number of RSS feeds each week, and it takes a good headline for me to open (and read) a post. These blogs consistently deliver.

  1. Seth’s Blog - Seth Godin really doesn’t need an introduction. At least not from me. He is a king of metaphor and I find his blog to be inspired.
  2. Flowing Data - Lots of good insight for data geeks and people who, like me, make their living producing compelling infographics.
  3. Footnoted - This blog was recently acquired by Morningstar, the large mutual fund ratings firm, but it hasn’t lost its edge. Michelle Leder plows through SEC filings and pulls out the juiciest footnotes. I had a college professor who would often say, “The best stuff in a 10-K is buried in the notes”. She was right.
  4. The SAS Dummy - Probably the best SAS blog out there.
  5. re: The Auditors - Even though I no longer audit, I still try to keep up with changes in the industry. This was the blog that broke the Deloitte layoff story in 2008 right before it happened.